Marriott Hotel Port-au-Prince

Northwater serves as the water supply consultant for the development of the flagship Marriott International Hotel in Port au Prince, Haiti. The $45 million dollar, 173-room Port-au-Prince Marriott Hotel recently opened in March 2015 and is the largest hotel in Haiti.

Northwater’s role is integral to the project, to secure a dependable water supply for the Hotel in a city that has limited water services and the city largely relies on trucked water. The geology of the area is complex and finding groundwater resources is extremely difficult. Northwater led and managed an intensive groundwater exploration program that included field reconnaissance, electromagnetic geophysics, deep exploratory well drilling and borehole geophysics. Northwater is also leading and managing the intensive process with the Haitian Government to secure a water connection and long-term service agreement from a nearby water source.

Additional tasks include engineering design and project management services to for the hotel’s on-site water supply and treatment system. Northwater collaborates with a multi-disciplinary design and construction team from locations all around the world.

Marriott Hotel Port-au-Prince
Project Details
  • Location: Haiti
  • Client: Marriott & Digicel Group
  • Sector: Real Estate Development