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Northwater Consulting International is a small business that incubates and enables a group of specialists that are regularly recruited to address water resource, natural hazard and environmental challenges throughout the United States and Internationally. We are passionate about our professions, have strong work ethics and are established professionals in our respective fields. Our divergent skill sets and industry backgrounds complement one another which allows us to support a wide range of projects, initiatives and global challenges.

We are a socially responsible business and measure our success based on (i) the timely, high quality and personalized nature of our work and, (ii) our contribution to economic development, sovereignty of developing nations, humanitarian needs and the environment. Of course, we also manage our company to assure that it is sustainable and there are more credits than debits.

We take tremendous pride in maintaining low overhead and passing that value onto our clients with projects and challenges that align with our passions. Our efficient and mobile business model also allows us to remain focused on the work that we love to do and provide a personal-level service and commitment.

James K. Adamson, PG, CPESC

James in Africa with his trusted assistant
James in Africa with his trusted assistant

The Central African rainforest, Congo Basin, Canadian Arctic, Peruvian Cordillera, Nepalese Himalayas and Haitian Greater Antilles are just some of the places that James has applied his water and geosciences expertise. Mr. Adamson has invested the last ten years working in diverse environments and cultures around the world, developing as a global leader in addressing water and environmental challenges. He is driven by challenge and a vision for a better tomorrow resulting from economic development and an honest will.

In 2010, he was recognized as Alumni of the Year at the University of Northern British Columbia for his professional commitment to international development. James received national and state level professional awards for his role in the discovery of a regional aquifer in an arid region of remote northwest Haiti. James has also led governmental hydrogeological mapping programs in Haiti, Nicaragua and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is a board member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and has served on technical boards for regional water supply plans and the development of water and geology related regulation. James is also part of a team recommended by the Government of Haiti to develop the national water resource atlas for the country. James also happened to be in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake and supported UNICEF and the Haitian government with relief efforts.

James maintains a personal blog: bigwaterblog.com

Jeff H. Boeckler


Jeff performing lake assessment at Otter Lake
Jeff performing lake assessment at Otter Lake

Jeff has 14-years experience as a specialist in water resources planning and management and geospatial analysis. Jeff’s primary roles include environmental project management, lake & reservoir management, watershed planning and geospatial analysis. His private sector experience is complemented with nearly a decade with the state of Illinois and EPA where he earned a reputation as a motivated and passionate expert that consistently delivered passion, value and results. Mr. Boeckler has extensive experience supporting governments, organizations and businesses navigate environmental and water resource challenges and regulations.

Mr. Boeckler has been recognized for his lead role in the design and development of SWAMM, a custom geospatial watershed assessment and management model. The tool supports assessment, monitoring and management of nonpoint source pollution and is currently used by many governments and organizations throughout the United States. Jeff is a recognized expert in assessing and improving lakes and reservoirs that serve water supply, ecological, flood-control and recreational functions. He has directly served leadership roles on regional initiatives in the Midwest that address the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia and major environmental issues related to the Great Lakes. He has served roles for the Mississippi River Basin Initiative and the development of the Great Lakes restoration toolkit.

Javan Miner, EIT

Javan Miner performing a groundwater survey in Haiti
Javan Miner performing a groundwater survey in Haiti

Javan performing a groundwater survey in HaitiJavan has over two years of experience living and working internationally. He has experience in geological engineering, water supply development, geophysical investigations and hydrogeology. Javan is passionate about supporting and enabling the communities in which he works.

During his time living and working in Haiti, Javan managed a field office where he coordinated development practitioners, well drillers and a pump testing team. Through this he became fluent in Haitian Kreyol and participated in several water supply investigation & development projects for entities ranging from institutions to the national government. He also conducted research into inexpensive geophysical instruments to aid in water supply development in developing nations. Javan is happily married and currently resides in Indiana when he is not roaming the world.

Javan is a graduate of Wheaton College and Colorado School of Mines, at the latter, he was recognized with the Brunton Award in Geology in recognition of the highest scholastic achievement and interest in and enthusiasm for the science of geology. Javan gained significant experience in geologic hazards, geotechnical engineering and environmental microbiology while living in Colorado.

James C. Hasbrouck, PGP

Jim performing a geophysical survey
Jim performing a geophysical survey

Mr. Hasbrouck is an internationally recognized geophysicist and has mapped shallow and deep aquifers using geophysical technologies throughout the world. Jim has 43 years private sector and government experience in all aspects of geophysics including project design, field operations, data processing, and interpretation for groundwater, engineering, environmental, minerals, hydrocarbons, and national security applications. Extensive knowledge and experience in all major surface, airborne, and borehole geophysical methods including: refraction and reflection seismics; electromagnetics; electrical resistivity and induced polarization; gravity; magnetics; ground penetrating radar; radiometrics He has worked throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

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