Haiti Hydrogeology Report Request

A Rapid Spatial Hydrogeological Assessment (RSHA) is an experience and expertise based characterization of the water source conditions for a targeted area based on geologic and hydrogeological research, satellite assessment and in country experience.  The approach and deliverable is tailored to each specific request and need.  The assessment does not include any site visits or field investigations and is not intended to replace field-based reconnaissance.

The assessment process was established to adequately respond to the dozens of requests that we  receive each week for assistance developing water resources across Haiti.  We also established the program to provide our drillers in Haiti with a scientific assessment of an area so that drilling risks and probabilities could be better understood prior to investing in drilling.  Drilling is an expensive endeavor in Haiti and depending on where you are, it can be very challenging to find groundwater.

Our geologists and water resource specialists have spent many years in Haiti and have worked everywhere in the country sourcing water and developing water systems.  The RSHA process allows our team to put heads together, spend some time understanding your site so we can provide information to help you make well-informed and cost effective decisions.

If you are interested in performing such an assessment, please complete the form and we will provide a quotation.

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