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It is the 21st Century. 

We encourage our clients and partners to consider a departure from obsolete ways of executing and delivering work products.  

We integrate technology, data science, and custom software / web applications so our work and our client investments can be more impactful, cost advantageous and can lead to improved results and outcomes relative to traditional deliverables such as a PDF report or static map.


A web portal for Nicaragua was developed by HydroLOGICA, Northwater International, and Hydrata to support government, academia, NGOs, and the private sector with regards to planning, development, and management of groundwater resources.

It responds to the need for easier access to and enhanced utility of existing maps and spatial datasets. We hope to grow and develop this system to archive historical data as it is uncovered or becomes available, and retain knowledge and data from current and future activities.

Much of the existing groundwater data and knowledge for Nicaragua is difficult to access, and large investments are required just to compile a basic level of knowledge and information. As we build and develop this portal, we rely on your feedback, comments and use cases.

The Nicaragua portal includes a new feature that provides a summary groundwater report for any location in the country; simply click on a location or type in the latitude/longitude coordinate.



In an average year, we receive over 300 inquiries regarding water supply in Haiti.  As there is limited institutional knowledge and certainly no capacity or mandate for the Haiti government to provide support or advice, this significantly contributes to the inquiries we receive.  While we want to help everyone that calls or emails, we simply are unable to while also maintaining our commitments to our clients and projects.

We are in the early (“alpha”) stages of making Haiti data, maps, and knowledge available to support the country. We have slowly started organizing existing datasets and are working on securing funding to fully develop this portal, making it available to the public and to benefit Haiti. Privately acquired data are not shared unless we have permission from the clients or owner.

Haiti Geoscientific Portal & Library





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