About Us

Solving Water and Environmental Challenges, Together, Since 2010.

Northwater is an environmental and geosciences consulting firm that specializes in supporting the water sector.  As a small business, we invest in excelling in water supply development and integrated water resources management.  We have proven experience delivering solutions and results locally and around the world.

Northwater was founded by Jeff Boeckler and James Adamson.  Jeff and James attended the University of Northern British Columbia in Canada.  Jeff began working as a Watershed Planner for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources; James started his career with an ENR-ranked top 500 engineering firm in Chicago.  They collaborated on a number of water resource projects which led to discussions of starting a specialty company based on a common passion for excellence.  Northwater was imagined over many campfires, encouraged by mutual colleagues, and came to life in 2010.

We operate out of offices in the United States and Haiti.  Northwater and HydroLOGICA maintain a strategic partnership to offer professional services in Central America from our office in Managua, Nicaragua.

The pillars of who we are:

We are a socially responsible business and measure our success based on (i) the timely, high quality and personalized nature of our work and, (ii) our contribution to economic development, sovereignty of developing nations, humanitarian needs and the environment. Of course, we also manage our company to assure that it is sustainable and there are more credits than debits.

We take tremendous pride in maintaining low overhead and passing that value onto our clients with projects and challenges that align with our passions. Our efficient and mobile business model also allows us to remain focused on the work that we love to do and provide a personal-level service and commitment.

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