Northwater Presents at the VisiEAU Summit

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Université d’Etat d’Haïti (UEH) in partnership with the University of Florida (UF) held a water summit – “VisiEAu 2018” – in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to: define natural resource characteristics specific to water in Haiti; explore water governance, rights, and legislation in Haiti and across Hispaniola; highlight systems of water management, infrastructure, and distribution; share examples of research activities that investigate the transmission of waterborne pathogens and the impact of effective interventions to date; and identify opportunities to integrate technology into water management for improved health outcomes and greater transparency of information in the decision-making process for water in Haiti.

James Adamson from Northwater International presented the recent evaluation of the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac aquifer in Haiti and its potential to increase accessibility of potable water to metropolitan Port au Prince. He prefaced his evaluation by stating that currently in Haiti there is an information and knowledge gap to support informed and cost effective decisions around water delivery. He urged a culture of open and accessible data sharing among those working across policy, research, and practice in Haiti to improve the collective decision making capacity.


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