Hydrogeology Journal – Haiti Topical Collection Published!

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Advancements in hydrogeological knowledge of Haiti for recovery and development (Hydrogeology Journal Topical Collection)
  Hydrogeology Journal Topical Collection – Haiti

Finally Published! Several of us at Northwater have worked tirelessly for several years with an amazing group of passionate researchers and experts.  The goal = to advance groundwater knowledge in Haiti and most importantly make the information freely available and accessible.

Hydrogeology Journal features 8 articles that update and advance hydrogeological knowledge in Haiti to support of the country’s recovery and redevelopment. Groundwater is Haiti’s principal water supply with diverse and intensifying risks and vulnerabilities. Scarcity of groundwater knowledge and data has inhibited informed relief, recovery and development investments throughout Haiti’s history, especially following the 2010 earthquake. The collection pulls together efforts of passionate and collaborative researchers from the last decade, improving the understanding of several of Haiti’s largest alluvial aquifers and also directing critical attention to karst/carbonate mountain aquifer systems and the importance of mountain block recharge. The collection provides insights and findings that will: (i) strengthen investments, (ii) guide continued research, (iii) encourage critical monitoring, and (iv) support the advancement of governance and management to protect and sustain Haiti’s most important resource. While the future of Haiti remains uncertain, continued dissemination of scientific knowledge and research strengthens the prospects of recovery, stability and socio-economic development. The topical collection is freely available and can be found at Hydrogeology Journal Topical Collection – Haiti

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