Jeff H. Boeckler

About Jeff

Jeff is an established specialist in water and environmental planning, management, and geospatial analysis. His private sector experience is complemented with nearly a decade working for the state of Illinois DNR and EPA where he earned a reputation as a motivated, reliable and passionate expert that consistently delivered value and results.  Mr. Boeckler has extensive background supporting governments, organizations and businesses navigate environmental and water resource challenges and regulations.

Mr. Boeckler has been recognized for his lead role in the design and development of SWAMM, a custom geospatial watershed assessment and management model. The tool supports assessment, monitoring, and management of nonpoint source pollution and is used to address challenging water quality issues. Jeff is a recognized expert in assessing and improving lakes and reservoirs that serve water supply, ecological, flood-control and recreational functions.

Jeff has directly served leadership and technical advisory roles on regional initiatives in the Midwest that address the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia and major environmental issues related to the Great Lakes and nonpoint source pollution.   Jeff serves on a wide range of technical advisory committees and public speaking engagements before government and agency groups.

Jeff is an obsessed fly-fisherman.

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For the Waverly Lake TMDL and Watershed Implementation Plan - This is quite a TMDL, and by that I mean a very good one. Good detail on sources, TMDL discussion is good, and it details on reasonable assurance, and it gets into details on RA.

- USEPA Region 5, USEPA Region 5

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