Jim C. Hasbrouck, PGp

About Jim

Mr. Hasbrouck is an internationally recognized geophysicist and has mapped shallow and deep aquifers using geophysical technologies throughout the world. Jim has over 40 years of private sector and government experience in all aspects of geophysics including project design, field operations, data processing, and interpretation for groundwater, engineering, environmental, minerals, hydrocarbons, and national security applications. Extensive knowledge and experience in all major surface, airborne, and borehole geophysical methods including: refraction and reflection seismics; electromagnetics; electrical resistivity and induced polarization; gravity; magnetics; ground penetrating radar; radiometrics He has worked throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Our Team

When choosing a consultant one of the first places I turn to is Northwater Consulting. They have provided our organization with the technical expertise needed to define, prioritize and pursue watershed management goals for Illinois’ coastal, riparian habitats. Using their data analysis and visualization/mapping skills, we have developed and standardized a quantitative methodology for data collection and project prioritization…. Multiple municipal, park district and county agencies use this information to secure funding for project implementation. Further, when it comes to development of grant proposals and project implementation Northwater’s relationships and understanding of federal and state entities is a valuable asset. Northwater has the interpersonal skills needed to garner the support of varied stakeholders spanning multiple jurisdictions and geographic scales. Lastly, Northwater is nothing but professional….punctual, good humored and consistently available. I recommend Northwater without reservation.

- Angela Larsen, Coastal Project Manager, Alliance for the Great Lakes

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