Jim C. Hasbrouck, PGp

About Jim

Mr. Hasbrouck is an internationally recognized geophysicist and has mapped shallow and deep aquifers using geophysical technologies throughout the world. Jim has over 40 years of private sector and government experience in all aspects of geophysics including project design, field operations, data processing, and interpretation for groundwater, engineering, environmental, minerals, hydrocarbons, and national security applications. Extensive knowledge and experience in all major surface, airborne, and borehole geophysical methods including: refraction and reflection seismics; electromagnetics; electrical resistivity and induced polarization; gravity; magnetics; ground penetrating radar; radiometrics He has worked throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Our Team

NorthWater worked for Caritas-Austria earlier this year and provide on-time, accurate services. Thus I highly recommend NorthWater, the team is highly dedicated and goes the extra mile in providing excellent services. They are not intimidated by challenging or remote terrain and don’t mind getting soaking wet from either sweat or rain. In addition they remain one of the few water companies operating in Haiti that is capable of delivering what it offers, which is an opportunity to dramatically increase the probability of finding water… if it is there.

- Grev Hunt, Caritas-Austria

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