Ted Kratschmer

About Ted

Ted is an environmental scientist with diverse experience in water quality monitoring, data analysis, environmental compliance and operations and organizational management. His work focuses primarily on surface water, from small streams and creeks through large rivers. Prior to joining Northwater in 2022, he worked over 10 years for an academic river research center, managing operations, writing and managing grants, collecting field data, and translating of scientific concepts to a non-science audience. Ted has worked closely with many NGOs, and state and federal agencies, especially while working on a program supporting nutrient loss reduction efforts of the federal and state Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Task Force.

Ted is an expert is water quality monitoring programs, with particular interest setting up and managing sensor-based stations and networks.

Ted lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his wife and daughter. He is a river rat and a lifelong outdoorsman, spending much of his free time recreating on and the Mississippi River- hunting, fishing, trapping with his dog, Smokey.

Our Team

NorthWater worked for Caritas-Austria earlier this year and provide on-time, accurate services. Thus I highly recommend NorthWater, the team is highly dedicated and goes the extra mile in providing excellent services. They are not intimidated by challenging or remote terrain and don’t mind getting soaking wet from either sweat or rain. In addition they remain one of the few water companies operating in Haiti that is capable of delivering what it offers, which is an opportunity to dramatically increase the probability of finding water… if it is there.

- Grev Hunt, Caritas-Austria

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