Drought Resiliency – Supplemental Water Supply and Conservation Strategies

Project Description


Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, with a population of approximately 400,000 people, and a 105 million gallon/day (MGD) water system.  The water supply is a combination of surface water (Cheney Reservoir) and groundwater (Equus Beds aquifer).  Drought is a continued seasonal problem for the city, and improving resiliency for a major drought is a priority.  As part of the city mandate, Northwater was retained through a competitive bidding process to evaluate Wichita’s groundwater supply and municipal consumption, and present tools and strategies to support informed water supply investments.  The primary activities included:

  • Water balance model to evaluate availability and quantity of renewable groundwater resources
  • Water audit of Wichita’s municipal water supply, and spatial model of water consumption
  • Statistical analysis to spatially map irrigation water demand for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional users
  • GIS-based modeling and analysis of irrigation intensity throughout the City
  • Modeling of water conservation strategies and scenarios to support the City in making informed planning and policy decisions
  • Dynamic and spatially explicit toolbox model to evaluate water planning scenarios and make forecasts

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