Potable Water Supply for a New City

Project Description

Northwater led a program to develop the phase I water supply for the city of Canaan, one of the world’s newest cities with a population now exceeding 200,000 residents.  A high capacity well was developed into the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac alluvial aquifer.

  • Approvals and permitting process with government
  • Inspection, pump testing, and hydrochemistry analysis of existing agricultural wells to characterize local aquifer conditions
  • Geophysical survey and siting of new wells
  • Design of borehole, well, pumping system, and controls
  • Well drilling and testing oversight
  • Aquifer testing and analysis
  • Groundwater flow modeling to evaluate pumping impacts

Next stages include aquifer modeling to define the subsequent wells and define the sustainable rates of abstraction from the well field.

I admire the direction of your firm and your excellent technical team.

- Franky Li, Global Communities

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