Fish Lake Chain Septic Leachate Assessment

Project Description


The 273-acre Fish Lake chain provides a variety of recreational uses for area residents and visitors, including fishing and boating.  A septic leachate assessment was executed in 2018 to address resident concerns over the impacts of septic systems on water quality.  The study was designed and executed over 2 strategic sampling events; it builds upon complementary studies in the watershed and lake chain, and applies similar technology and methods as other assessments.

Northwater collected and analyzed data representing indicators of septic pollution to determine that systems are not impacting water quality in any measurable way.  Indicators included Optical Brightening Agents, nutrients, conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, bacteria, and bacteria DNA testing. Sampling events were timed to capture the busiest time of the year when septic systems would more likely receive greater inputs as well as a period representing a more subdued time when visitors to the lake are at a minimum.

Results addressed resident concerns and confirms that Fish Lake can maintain excellent water quality conditions despite its densely developed shoreline and reliance on septic systems.

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