Water Resources

Northwater is regularly recruited to support local to regional water quantity and quality challenges.  We specialize in studying and characterizing water resources and are recognized for our effective and impactful approaches to integrated water resources planning and management.  We work alongside public and private water utilities, business/industry, and government to understand, manage, improve and sustain limited resources.

  • Watershed/basin planning and management
  • Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development
  • Nutrient Assessment Reduction Plans (NARP)
  • Source water protection and planning
  • Groundwater and surface water resources
  • Lake and reservoirs
  • Research and monitoring programs to support decision-making and solve water quality and quantity challenges
  • Water resource assessments and characterization – we take time to understand and accurately characterize resources leading to plans, policy and action that enhance, protect, and sustain critical infrastructure and systems

Water Resources Clients

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