Fish Lake Chain Sediment Removal Plan

Project Description


Northwater and Berrini & Associates completed a detailed Sediment Removal Plan at Fish Lake.  The plan is supported by a series of previous reports and studies, combined with targeted sampling to outline and quantify dredging extent.  The 273-acre lake system provides a variety of recreational uses for area residents and visitors, including fishing and boating.  This plan was sponsored by the Fish Lake Conservancy District and funded by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources through the Lake and River Enhancement program.

In Fish Lake, both the open water area suitable for boating and maximum depths have decreased due to the expansion of emergent or macrophytic vegetation and the accumulation of organic sediment.  It is estimated that annual sediment accumulation in some parts of the lake averages 1.8 inches per year.

To address sediment accumulation, a total of six sediment removal sites were evaluated for a total of approximately 50 acres. Following an analysis of sediment depth and density, local priorities and biological limitations, the total dredging area was reduced to 21.9 acres over the six sites.  Total sediment removal volume was determined to be 117,791 cubic yards with an average sediment removal thickness of 3.73 feet.  Tasks included sediment sampling and characterization, integration of historical data, advanced mapping, dewatering basin design, coordination and permit review, cost estimates, cross-sections, and public meetings.

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