Engineering Feasibility Study, Grand Ravine

Current distribution piping at Grand Ravine

Project Description


Northwater was selected by Concern Worldwide & DINEPA to perform a feasibility study and propose an upgraded water system design for Grand Ravine, a densely populated area of approximately 20,000 residents within the Port-au-Prince metropolitan area.

The feasibility study outlined a three-phase plan which included incrementally adding reservoir storage and pumps at the proposed pumping station.  The pumping station was necessary to pump water from the existing DINEPA supply line to the hillside village.

The water system design process included extensive coordination with the Haitian government (CTE-RMPP & DINEPA), surveying, water demand estimates/projections, water quality guidelines, management guidelines, hydraulic modeling using EPANET and the design of a scalable pumping station.

The selected solution includes a pumping station, three reservoirs, supply/distribution piping, seven kiosks, and a truck filling station. Probable opinion of construction costs and complete plan sets were also prepared to transition directly to bidding.

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