Haut Damier Feasibility Study & Water System Design – Haiti

Project Description

Northwater was commissioned by USAID & UMCOR to perform a feasibility study and design the potable water system for the village of Haut Damier.  Haut Damier is a village near Cabaret with a population of approximately 4,300 residents.

Northwater performed a groundwater assessment and water balance analysis to guide a water well drilling program.  It was pertinent to avoid geological units in the area that produce brackish water.

The water system design process included surveying, water demand estimates, water demand projections, water quality guidelines, management guidelines, hydraulic modeling using EPANET and the development of a complete set of plans, sections and typicals.

The system includes pumping wells, two reservoirs, 7.5 km of distribution piping, seven kiosks, and water treatment.  Probable opinion of construction costs and bidding documents were also prepared.

Local geology mapping at Haut Damier to support groundwater assessment and siting of production wells

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