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Pollutant Load Water Quality Model Completed for Illinois and Kaskaskia Rivers

Pollutant Load Water Quality Model Completed for the Illinois River & Kaskaskia River Watersheds Upon completing an advanced custom GIS based pollution load model for the State of Illinois, Northwater presented results to representatives of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Illinois EPA (IEPA), US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the University of […]

Stratagem EH4 Geophysics Study in Cite Soliel and Gressier

Stratagem EH4 CSAMT/MT – Deep Geophysical Groundwater Studies in Cite Soleil & Gressier Northwater just completed the field work for several deep groundwater exploration investigations in the Department Ouest in Haiti.  In Cite Soleil, we are working with Foratech to evaluate the possibility of deeper freshwater within  Miocene and Oligocene geology; the area is coastal […]

Groundwater Study near Arequipa, Peru

Geology & Groundwater Investigation, Arequipa Region of Peru James Adamson, PG and Stuart Dykstra just returned from a geologic/hydrogeologic investigation in Peru. The team covered hundreds of square km mapping the geologic formations of the desert plain and front range mountains around Arequipa for Viera Water Network. The biggest challenge in the plain is the prevalence […]

Groundwater Exploration Success!

Groundwater Exploration Success! After spending over USD$ 70,000 on many previous drilling attempts that resulted in brackish water or dry holes, a client contacted us to perform a 3-day hydrogeologic and geophysics investigation last fall to support a humanitarian housing development for residents displaced resulting from natural disasters. During the investigation, we discovered a geologic […]

Northwater Acquires Stratgem Electromagnetic Geophysical Equipment

Northwater Now Owns Geometrics Electromagnetic Geophysical Equipment, For Deep Subsurface Investigations In order to cost-effectively offer exploration geophysical services to our clients and partners, we have purchased a Stratagem EH4 Subsurface Electrical Conductivity Imaging System.  The equipment allows us to interpret subsurface resistivity conditions to depths up to 1,000 meters.  The technology is ideal for […]

Lake Carlinville Public Water Supply Improvement Project

Lake Carlinville Public Water Supply Improvement Project Northwater Consulting recently received a contract with HMG Engineers and the City of Carlinville, Illinois to assist with the execution of an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Section 319 Water Quality grant.  Northwater is providing expertise and services related to the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) to improve […]

Groundwater Geophysical Study Near Gonaives

Groundwater Exploration Geophysical Study near Gonaives, Haiti Northwater just returned from Haiti where we performed a groundwater exploration geophysical study using CSAMT/MT electromagnetic geophysical equipment.  The logistics of performing the study were challenging and arduous; nonetheless, challenges were overcome and the project was completed successfully. The purpose of the study is to help solve a severe […]

Northwater Featured Cattle BMPs

Northwater Featured on Tri-State Public Radio Listen to Northwater’s principal, Jeff Boeckler as he is featured on Tri-State’s Public Radio.  Jeff has been instrumental in developing a showcase cattle operation that achieves sustainability goals for water quality and the environment.  The project included restoration of over 60-acres and stream stabilization.  Click here to listen to […]

WATER HIT IN MOALE! Republique Centrafricaine

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE CHARITY: WATER VIDEO! Merci Na Kunda!  Deep in the rainforest of southwestern Central African Republic among monkeys, dikers, elephants and gorillas and only a few kilometers from Congo lies a small village of Bayaka Pygmies that have lost their ability to survive as hunter-gatherers.  There have been four failed attempts […]

Northwater Heading to Africa!

Northwater will be heading to the Central African Republic in July with Charity:Water and Integrated Community Development International (ICDI).  We will be performing groundwater exploration surveys and supporting well drilling efforts to bring water to displaced Bayaka Pygmy populations.  To learn more about the project visit

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