High Capacity Irrigation System

Irrigation Water Supply Development

Project Description


Working in partnership with V3, hydrogeology and engineering services were retained to secure and develop a groundwater supply to serve the irrigation requirements of a large academic institution; the need was identified following the 2012 drought that imposed serious water scarcity issues and resulted in large economic losses. A high yield well and automated pumping system was designed by Northwater, permitted and drilled into the Silurian and Ordovician carbonate aquifers and yielded over 600 gallons per minute. Northwater supported the permitting process with groundwater modeling to demonstrate potential drawdown impacts to neighboring wells and supervised the drilling and well construction, which included acid treatment to enhance the well yield. Northwater provided process-engineering services for the controls and pumping systems and supervised the well drilling and pumping system installation.

Northwater energetically approaches its projects with an objectives-based approach that brings value to their clients and to the team. Northwater has, or knows how to incorporate the expertise required to get a project done right. They deliver services efficiently and on time and keep a keen eye on value for the client. They deliver a project with an understanding of their client’s objectives, and it makes them a truly elite, and quality geoscience company.

- Stuart J. Dykstra, Senior Vice President, V3 Companies

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