Northwater’s activities in emerging nations include both research and consulting.  We support government, multi-laterals, bi- laterals, NGOs and private industry. Our specialty is helping solve small, local, regional, national, and inter-governmental water problems and challenges.


Northwater has been active in Haiti since being founded in 2010, James Adamson is Northwater’s principal hydrogeologist and has worked extensively in Haiti since 2006.  He is considered one of Haiti’s most experienced, knowledgeable and capable technical experts, and has worked just about everywhere in the country.  In collaboration with Stuart Dykstra of V3 Companies, we have developed a world-class team of water experts and made significant investments in data and knowledge retention, and geophysical technologies to support Haiti’s development.  In 2014, Wm. Javan Miner joined our team, further increasing our capacity and expertise in Haiti.  We operate effectively, efficiently, and independently and are extremely capable high level professionals operating in Haiti.

Summary of Experience in Haiti

  1. Water assessments and groundwater investigations and water sourcing for cities, villages, institutions, tourism, agriculture and businesses throughout Haiti
  2. Hundreds of geophysical investigations for groundwater exploration using seismic, electromagnetic and electrical resistivity technologies. All equipment owned and maintained in Haiti
  3. Feasibility studies and engineering design throughout the country for small to large scale water systems
  4. Environmental impact studies for major tourism, industrial, and mining developments
  5. Responsible for siting over 1,200 water wells throughout the country since 2006, and investigating drilling feasibility at over 3,000 locations

Recent Activities

Dano Water System, Grand Goâve, Haiti

Northwater provided engineering and hydrogeological services over a two year period to study the drying Magandou

An evaluation of the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac aquifer, Haiti

Northwater was commissioned by USAID, American Red Cross, and Global Communities to work alongside the Haitian

Groundwater Exploration – Haiti Health Infrastructure Program

Northwater supported AECOM and USAID in sourcing groundwater supplies for proposed health clinics in the Artibonite

Current distribution piping at Grand Ravine
Grand Ravine Engineering Feasibility Study – Haiti

Northwater was selected by Concern Worldwide & DINEPA to perform a feasibility study and propose an upgraded

Groundwater Assessment of the Titanyen-Cabaret Development Corridor, Haiti

USAID and UMCOR commissioned Northwater International to assess regional groundwater supply potential to support one

Haut Damier Feasibility Study & Water System Design – Haiti

Northwater was commissioned by USAID & UMCOR to perform a feasibility study and design the

Groundwater Potential Mapping – Nord Est Haiti

Northwater performed groundwater potential mapping for the Northeast Department of Haiti for Haiti Outreach and DINEPA.

Hydrogeological Mapping and Geophysics Training Program, Congo

Hydrogeological assessment and mapping for a 4,000 km2 area to support rural water supply program

Water Resources Assessment of Lozandieu Bay

Partnered with V3 Companies to perform an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funded study to support

Marriott Hotel Port-au-Prince
Marriott Hotel Port-au-Prince

Northwater serves as the water supply consultant for the development of the flagship Marriott International

Village Of Dondon Water System Design
Dondon Water System Design, Haiti

Northwater designed the water system for the village of Dondon, a village in the North

Rural Water Supply Program, Rwanda

Northwater was retained to evaluate several water supply systems in the Rulindo District of Rwanda

City of Hinche Water System
City of Hinche Water System Design & Construction

Northwater designed the water distribution system for the City of Hinche, the capital city of

City of Hinche Water Supply Sourcing
City of Hinche Water Supply Sourcing

Northwater performed a study to identify the most feasible, sustainable and cost-effective sources of water

Ti Bouk-Le Borgne Water Supply Feasibility Study

Performed a field reconnaissance study to investigate the existing potable water conditions in the remote

San Raphaël Water Supply System Design & Construction

Description: Providing project oversight and QA/QC role for the design and construction of a community

Deep Groundwater Exploration, Platon Mare Rouge

Performed a deep geophysical study in Platon Mare Rouge using electromagnetic geophysical equipment; the area

Gressier Area Water Supply Feasibility Study

Performed a potable water supply study for GOAL Haiti and UNICEF to characterize water sources

Groundwater Exploration, Gonaïves

Performed a groundwater exploration geophysical study using CSAMT/MT electromagnetic geophysical equipment. The logistics of performing

Port-au-Prince area Groundwater & Geophysics Study

Characterized the geologic and groundwater conditions for several communities in the greater Port-au-Prince area. The

Milot Hospital Groundwater Supply Feasibility Study

Performed a water supply feasibility study for a hospital in Milot, Haiti. A review of

Groundwater Exploration & Geology Reconnaissance

Geology and hydrogeology study for the largest undeveloped island in the Caribbean to support humanitarian

Trou Louis Jeune Water System

Worked with Haiti Outreach for the power system design and construction of a solar-powered well