Dame-Marie Water Supply, Grand’Anse Haiti

Project Description


Northwater was contracted by DINEPA to support the government in securing a safe and sustainable water supply for the city of 28,000 residents in the Grand’Anse department of Haiti.  Dame-Marie is known as one of the most remote and difficult to access towns in Haiti.  The project was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), loan ID GRT/WS-2392- HA.  Northwater was the principal investigator and partnered with Haiti Foratech and was supported by V3.

The town of Dame-Marie requires a water supply capable of 50 cubic meters/hour (225 gallons/minute). The historical town water system was built to capture water from a large spring which has been more regularly contaminated due to backwater from an adjacent river during flooding periods.

The investigation included geological reconnaissance, hydrochemical water analysis and the application of two geophysical methods to map subsurface conditions.  The tasks of the project included:

1. Characterization of the hydrogeological setting of Dame-Marie

2. Recommended strategy and program to drill a successful production well to achieve the water demands of Dame-Marie

3. Evaluate aquifer sustainability and potential for saltwater intrusion.

4. Securing services of a project hydrogeologist for well drilling and testing.

The project resulted in a successful high capacity water well that is capable of supporting current demands and future growth.

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